Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Yummy Mummy's British Icon Contest!

So I just got home after a long days work and then out trying to find a new PC! And I cant believe Yummy Mummy's competition will be over in just under 2 hours!

I really wanted this to be the first competition I entered as Yummy Mummy's blog is one of my favourites and one of the first I ever read! So I quickly put together a little something, it's not great, of course I need a perfect face like Leona's :) and I have just about had enough time to try out the lovely green eyes, take photos, upload them & create this post! Oh, but here it is!

Wish I had more time to take better photos!
By the way I chose Leona Lewis as my British Icon, because she's a stunner and I think the best thing that came out of the X Factor!

eeeekkk 5 mins to go! :s

lots of love xxx


  1. I love her and her music. You look gorgeous here and the makeup is does look like hers!!

  2. Thanks Becky! That was a really sweet comment :)
    I just wish I had more time and a good camera!
    But sadly, after finishing my entry, I realised I was a bit too late, and went past the deadline :(


  3. Leona Lewis's so pretty and has a lovely voice. And you look gorgeous! It's a pity you missed the deadline! That happened to me once...
    Anyway, I'm following you, your blog is really pretty! Come over and visit and follow me =)

  4. Thanks Holly it was a really good idea for your competition!

    Marce, thank you too, I am following your lovely blog too :)