Thursday, 3 September 2009

Barry M - Dazzling Looks with Dazzle Dusts

Hey guys, Hope you are all having a good day?
I have been meaning to do a little review on the Barry M Dazzle Dusts which I have been using for about 2 years now, so here it goes...

I first came across Barry M like years and years ago when they used to be sold in Woolworths, I had one of my fave nail paints of theirs (lilac), at that time, their colour range was probably the most exciting from the usual high street brands, and now their collection has just got better and better.
Whilst at university, I discovered the Barry M Dazzle Dusts which I used for striking eye looks on a countless amount of nights out!

"highly pearlised powder available in a profusion of colours to enhance your eyes, cheeks or lips." - Barry M

The four colours I'm going to review today are:
  • no.11 Charcoal
  • no.14 Khaki
  • no.80 Blue Grey
  • no.39 Tan

Take a look at these swatches I did on my arm, the lines are just where i have used my finger directly on to my arm, and the dots are where I have pressed Dazzle Dust over a base (Mac Shadestick in Sharkskin).

To touch the Dazzle Dusts sort of feel like a velvety-powder and honestly I only picked up a tiny speck to get these swatches.
After 2 years, nearly all are still quite full and trust me I use them ALOT! It just shows how good value for money they are, retailing at only £4.50, a little really does go a long way :)

I usually buy my Dazzle Dust's when Superdrug have their offer which is a bargain at 3 for £10!

The swatches show the quality of their pigment which really is so good, you could go for a more subtle effect by brushing on the Dazzle Dust or you could go for a more bold look by patting on with a brush or using a base.

Now for some quick looks I did... You might not necessarily do this look when going out, but I tried to do my best to show you how bright the Dazzle Dusts could go, how light and subtle they could look and how they can work well with other products from other brands.
Please excuse my eyebrows, as they have not been done!

I have just lightly prepped my eyes by using my Mac Selectmoisture cover Concealer in NW30 as a base and to create a sort of clean canvas for products to adhere to.

I then start to add Dazzle Dust by patting with my Mac 239 brush, but really you can use any brush because the pigments are so good, I also tried to use a cheap make up brush that I got in a Debenhams gift set (I'm sure you all have some of these unwanted gifts!) and it worked exactly the same way :)

The photo below shows the Dazzle Dust 'Tan', a great colour can be used to create a natural look on it's own or enhanced by using different colours. Also great for everyday, kind of a nude shimmer, lovely in the sunshine so i ♥ it.
P.s. I like to put some wet cotton wool underneath my eyes to catch fallout...

These are all the products I used for these looks...

A few minutes later, and we have this...

I think I went a bit too crazy! this eye I used the Tan, Blue Grey and Charcoal Dazzle Dusts which I think work really well together and were really easy to blend...

Not forgetting the other eye...

Using the Tan, Khaki and Charcoal which also work really well together.

Dazzle Dusts are so pigmented and fun to use that I suppose I got carried away :)
The only downside for me is the fallout you get when you first start using them, but once you realise that you only need VERY little, its easy to control the amount of fallout there is... it's nothing that a bit of cotton wool under the eyes cant fix.

I think they are a must for any beauty lover, and with such an affordable price, I don't think you can really go wrong.
They are also easily combined with other brands products, I am definitely going to be expanding my collection! and I have heard there are new colours out, I think I better be off to Superdrug very soon!

What did you think of my review and my little experiments? Would you like to see tutorials?
Have you tried any of the same Dazzle Dusts? If yes, please blog about your looks, I would love to see them...

I love all your comments so please make sure you do and remember...
Keep blogging!


  1. ooo i love the eye looks that u did! and im gonna try the cotton wool trick :) xx

  2. Great! My line just introduced a new dust line and cream pots and I have been meaning to try them but was a little intimidated. These colors look great. I am gonna try it.

  3. your looks are beautiful. i like those colors. maybe i'll give em a try as well.

  4. your colors & blending are so pretty

  5. I have "tan" and I love it. I use it as a /lid color for some neutral looks and sometimes, if I don't have time to do my make-up, I just put it on the lid and then put on some mascara and I am good to go. I also have "mushroom" and a pink (can't remember the name though). I am in love with mushroom.

  6. Really pretty looks. I've never tried Dazzle dusts, will have to make sure I check these out :)

  7. I'm having a MAC plushglass and skincare giveaway on my blog. :)

  8. Hi Im new here, love the style of your blog so feminine.Great to find such a useful site on makeup! Love the colours you have used.Im a Style Consultant so makeup is a really important part of my job, helping a client get their image right includes all those finishing touches!Sharon xx

  9. Hi: Beautiful blog. I follow you and I invite you to visit mine.

  10. the colours are really amazing!! it looks s pretty on you :)