Monday, 21 September 2009

Where have I been?!?!?!

Hey everyone! How have you all been?

I have been so busy these past few weeks and have not had a chance to post any blogs :( Soooooooo i thought I would update you with what I have been so busy doing!

Well, I am currently in my second week of a PGCE in Primary Education which I have decided to do after my first degree (Marketing Management)... Why more studying I hear you ask? Well basically this is like a 9 month postgraduate course, so as you can imagine the work load is pretty intense , but the upside is that by next year I will be a qualified teacher!

Anyways, enough of the boring stuff. I have been really excited because I recieved my Konad Nail Art Starter Kit :D
Being a nail techician, I was really excited to try out this amazing stamper kit because it saves alot of time when a client wants a bit of nail art instead of hand paiting it, and the design combinations are endless :) I will put up a post on my Konad kit very soon!

I have missed the wonderful world of blogging! And you would never guess what my first ICT task in uni was?? ................. Creating a blog! it was heaven lol, although not as much fun as a beauty blog :(

What have you guys been doing these past few weeks? anybody else started uni or even a PGCE? Also, did anyone manage to go to the Olympia beauty exhibition on the weekend? I had tickets but stopped myself from going because I was mega broke! It's sad because I waited all year for it, an now I will just have to save up for next year!

By the way, I would like to thank everyone for the lovely comments about my blog, cant believe I have 72 followers woohoo! :p now I dont feel like im talking to myself so much :)

Keep Blogging!

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  1. Please tell me how the stamping kit is.. I'm looking to get one, since I'm learning to now do nails. I'm a certified mua but my mom is a nail tech and she's teaching me.