Thursday, 6 August 2009

Finally, a proper post!

So I have finally figured out how to create different layouts! and im half asleep but really wanted to write up my first proper blog :)
My addiction in online beauty first started when i started watching make up gurus on youtube such as the wonderful Lauren Luke. After that I couldnt stop reading blogs and watching different tutorials... Nearly two years on and i guess I felt like creating my own little online beauty haven :)

I will be blogging on make up reviews, hauls, tutorials and random thoughts... I love to learn from all of you, and hopefully you guys can learn something from me :p
Please follow me and feel free to comment (even if it's bad), and ask questions!

Goodnight for now!
sonia x


  1. Hi!!Welcome to this wonderful community,i am kinda new too,hope you'll enjoy every moment,and remember that this is firstly for you!!I tried to follow but sinve last night this action is not possible for me so...i'll be trying until i can do it :))

  2. Hi Krystallia! Thank you so much for your wonderful message :) You have posted the first ever comment on my blog :p

    I just browsed your blog, it is so lovely! and I am now one of your followers, so I look forward to your blogs!
    Please keep trying to follow! And...

    Keep blogging! ♥

  3. Im excited to see more from you!! Great people around here and blogging is so much fun!!