Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Back to the world of blogging...

Nearly a year on since my last post and once again I am drawn back to the wonderful world of blogging! Although I feel a bit nervous, as though i'm writing my first post all over again!

Where have I been hiding? Well, it's been a rollercoaster of a year, never have I had so much going on all at once!
My last post mentioned the start of my postgraduate in primary teaching, which I am glad to say is now complete and yes I am a qualified teacher :)).

Besides teaching, I am reluctant to admit I did not have the time or money (being a student for the year) to keep up with beauty products!
So you can imagine I am clearly not with it anymore, and relying on all you lovely bloggers to educate me on all the newbies!
You might notice my blog becoming more general and random as I guess I just want somewhere to talk about everyday life... Slowly but surely, after payday, I will not be able to resist shopping for beauty products so you can look forward to the random reviews and hauls...maybe even a few FOTD's :))
September I will be starting my new job as a year 5 teacher in a primary school, so it will be a real challenge to keep this blog updated as well as all the planning and marking, but nevertheless I am going to be sharing my thoughts with you guys...I have really missed blogging!

Hope there are some of you who are still listening! Let me know if you are!

Lots of love

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  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to your new posts! :D